Question(s) asked to me: Why do we have such police brutality? My heart is breaking for the thirteen year old boy who was shot 8 times by a police officer in Santa Rosa, for carrying a BB gun.

Why do we turn on the news only to hear about Kim Kardashian's new swimsuit line? And, why do we permit nuclear weapons at all?

Answer: Jesus didn't preach justice or fairness (that would be Islam), he preached love.

We will know His love, but we can honestly say in our hearts that we'd lay our lives down for that vile, insidious person (for instance that disgusting piece of trash that shoots up a school yard full of kids) - When you and I can get beyond the injustice and reach out to him in Love, the love of the Father, and show him the gospel of Jesus Christ, risking our lives to do so, and truly forgiving him, then we might get a small glimpse of what Jesus did for us. We are called to reach into these places of darkness and have no fear for Jesus (Holy Spirit) is with us to guide and comfort us.

Did David face evil for the first time when he stood before Goliath? (no, he did not), and Does Jesus preach to us a COMMANDMENT: love one another, and then he instructs us on how to do it... and gives us Holy Spirit to lead us? We are to learn His ways, and only through obedience to the cross and actively "doing" will we learn to love. We are instruments of righteousness, set apart to do His good will. I pray we all dig deep into our very state of being, and get beyond the intellectual side of Jesus, and go out *today* and ask a homeless person what he/she needs - bandage him up, help him to get better (heal, sozo = complete healing mind body and soul) and then preach the gospel to teach them the ways of Jesus.

Love the hell out of people...!!!