Accusing God

(by Bill Johnson)

When some Christians find themselves in a place of uncertainty with no answer for their problem, then change their view of God and ascribe Him character traits that are totally anti-biblical. They might convince themselves that He won't help them out of a financial hole because He isn't intervening in their affairs, though the Bible says, "And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus" (Phil 4:19). They claim he won't heal them, though the Bible says "he heals all your diseases and forgives all your iniquities (See Ps. 103:3)

Uncertainty causes some people to misunderstand who God is. They begin to deny God's true nature and embrace sickness and disease, poverty and mental anguish as gifts from God. That is a devastating lie from hell. It's actually blasphemous to attribute to God the work of the devil. But many Christians want awnsers so badly during times of uncertainty that they invent theological answers to make themselves feel good about their present condition. In doing so, they sacrafice the truth about God on the altar of human reasoning. That's what causes people to say things like "God gave my aunt leukemia to teach her perserverance." No way. That has never happened. If somebody's body is racked wiht pain or wasting away because of disease, it the devourer. It's not the job description of the Messiah. Again, the Bible says, "He forgives all your iniquities; He heals all your diseases." It would never enter our minds that God would give someone a drug habit or a drinking problem to help them become better people. So why would He condemn people to disease? Or poverty? Or depression? Or any other miserable condition?

the Bible says, "He forgives all your iniquities; He heals all your diseases."

Let's get this straight: God is good all of the time. The devil is bad all of the time. We do ourselves a tremendous service to remember the difference between the two. Healing, salvation, wholeness, provision, and joy have already been given to us. They can't be recalled or returned. They are facts of Kingdom living. They were paid for by Jesus on the Cross.

Other Christians fall into the desception that when the Bible talks about sufferings, it means all of the above afflictions. Not at all! The suffering referred to in the Bible means living between two conflicting realities and trusting and praising God through it all! Anybody can declare the greatness of God after they've won the Reader's Digest Sweepstakes. But when you live in the middle of conflict - of having a promis that is not yet fulfilled, or having a problem that seems to never get resolved - you rise above the circumstances and declare that He is good all the time, no matter what.

(excerpt from Bill Johnson's book "The Supernatural Power of the Transformed Mind", pg 123,124)