I was talking with my Muslim friend at work the other day. Admittedly I told him I don't know much about the Muslim faith other than what I've been told and have read, and I asked him to share with me his faith and perspective on life. I listened intently, and really wanted to understand his perspective. We had a rather long water-cooler chat - about 1hr - and I realize that I just barely got a glimpse into his life, and for that I feel fortunate.

Some things that he told me (and I hope I got them right as I wouldn't want to misrepresent his feelings or sentiments in any way, shape or form).

  1. Islam is peace and it is a misconception by the world that Muhammad wants to spread Islam through the sword.
  2. Muslims consider him to have been the restorer of an unaltered original monotheistic faith of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets
  3. Muslims believe Muhammad to have divine revalation directly from God to destroy the false idols of the world - these are things that people setup to worship (like objects, gold, statues, ..etc) instead of God. The idols lead people astray and ultimately results in sin and death in one's spirit and eventually physical self.
  4. Muslims believe Jesus to be a profit but not the son of God; and not the Messiah.
  5. Islam is about justice; righting the wrongs of this world. An eye for an eye and tooth for tooth. If someone steals something then they should have their hand cut-off or pay back in acceptable form $ to right the wrong.
  6. The Jewish occupation of Isreal is an injustice that needs to be righted.
  7. Forgiveness: If someone is wronged or offended, it is up to the Stronger person who was offended to "forgive" the weaker person. An act of "forgiveness" of the weaker person is worthless, since this person has no authority or worth above the stronger that is considered of value to the "stronger"

My goal was not to argue with him, but rather just hear his perspective. I don't agree with him, but that's OK for now. If he ever wanted my opinion I'd share it with him. Hopefully, I've opened a door of trust with him, that he feels safe to ask me. I'm praying for this to happen.


2016-09-17 21:32:02