My testimony has been circulating around for awhile, but I've noticed it's missing the full story. So here is the full story of how Jesus set me free😎💕🙏✝️
I grew up without a father and had a warped view of men from bad examples of men I've seen in my life. I carried rejection and pain with me from that. In school I was bullied and called gay all the time because I was more feminine than other boys. I didn't even know what gay was. Then I became angry and hung with the wrong crowd drinking, smoking weed, etc. At a party a male friend of mine sexaully took advantage of me and this opened a door of confusion in my life. I started to believe if this happened to me, then maybe I am gay. I began to experiment with makeup, cross dressing/drag as a way to cover myself and hide behind an alter ego. I then started getting involved in newage witchcraft. Doing spells, crystal work, kundalini yoga, spirit guides, tarot cards, etc. I was living this ways for years. 2 years ago I started feeling empty and these things weren't filling the void in me anymore. I cried out to God and said if this isn't what you want for my life give me a sign. The next day I had a dream from God of the Bible verse Ezekiel 6:4 telling me to stop doing witchcraft and turn to him. But I still had one foot in and the other trying to figure out the truth. Some time passed and I came across a video of a testimony called from newage to Jesus. This video convicted me and I put all of my newage/witchcraft things in a trash bag and threw it in the dumpster. I began to experience demonic attacks after this. These beings I thought were my spirit guides were actually demons. I was experiencing sleep paralysis, demonic dreams, attacks, etc. I looked into why these things were happening to me and found out that this is a very real thing. Demons are real. Around this time I also recieved a dream of Jesus telling me to be set apart and follow him. Time goes on and I come across an online map where I connected with a believer in my area. She shared the gospel with me and talked to me about being born again. I knew this is what God was calling me to. I set up a day on January 3rd 2021 to meet up with people in my town I never met before to get baptized, set free of demons, and filled with the Holy spirit. I received freedom and a new life. It took some time for me to find good people to fellowship with and grow with. But I finally did find some good brothers and sisters, but I still felt like God was calling me for more. I kept having dreams of traveling, God connected me with a family of disciples and I quit my job, leaving everything behind and began to travel the country and later another country (Mexico🇲🇽) and now the world. I've been living completely by faith for a year now, learning and growing each day, and trusting him in everything, and going wherever he calls me.

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