Thoughts on "The Veil" by Blake K Healy

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This is an amazing book. One that has opened my eyes to the reality of the spiritual world. Blake describes to the reader that he has seen in the spiritual world since he was very young (2 years old). The spirits he sees are as real as life itself, and he describes the very grotesque as well as divine and majestic spirits in great detail. I pray that we all could see into the spirit realm, and that it would open our eyes to the fulfillment of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in our lives.

I have compiled a small list of excerpts from the book that I thought were insightful and enlightening to me in regards to the spirit realm. I believe that Blake could not have gained this wisdom without truly seeing into the spirit realm; and I have learned a great deal by reading and praying through this book.

I hope you are blessed by this information; and pray that you seek God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.

  • Lies are the only power that demons have, and lies are only powerful if you believe them.
    (page 41)
  • If I didn't change my thought patterns my worries would continually dig at that hole, making it bigger....This happens when demonic lies start mixing with worries and fears. It reinforces the enemy's access. So I pray a simple prayer, "I command that access point to be closed up, I cover it with the blood of Jesus, and I repent for not trusting in God to be my provider
    (page 49)
  • Your home is your environment. Your environment is a relfection of your habits and mindset.
    (page 41)
  • ...frightening newscasts may release fear. Movies, TV shows, music, media, books, paintings, video games - all of these things are created by people, and all of them carry that spiritual mark: good, bad, or somewhere in between...Before you start...burning all your books ... yelling at the kids for playing [video games]...this can be an act of fear...fear is a kind of faith. Fear is the expectation of attack or pain....That belief is faith that darkness has power over you. It is a disservice to the authority God..
    (page 50,51)
  • The crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, slavery, and subjugation of women are just a few of the horrible things that have been done in the name of the Bible. Should you through out your Bible? No. The point is that you need the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life for everything, without it anything can be twisted, but with it anything can be redeemed.
    (page 51)
  • Unfortunately, not everyone I've prayed for has been healed.... Sometimes I know why it didn't happen,. I'll see a spirit of unforgiveness leeching on their neck, I might be experiencing a tangible lack of faith, or maybe they'll be engaging a mindset or sin issue that prevents them from receiving the healing that God has for them. Other times I can see no reason why the healing isn't happening. Faith is up on both sides, attitudes are good, there is no sense of sin or unforgiveness getting in the way, there's an angel standing over them with a bucket of healing oil and a look of anticipation on his face, and yet sometimes it just doesn't happen.

    This is one of my great frustrations. When these situations occur, people often resign to the idea that God doesn't want to heal them or the timing isn't right or perhaps he has some greater purpose for this ailment. None of these excuses satisfy the wealth of divine healing I see filling the storehouses in the church, the anointing that pours from heaven in response to our prayers, or the angeles crying, "God wants you to be healed more than you are capable of wanting anything!".
    (page 104)
  • Humans beings more so than any other creature on the planet, have an immense capacity for affecting their environment. This is also true of the spiritual environment. If I were to till the soil in my backyard, plant tomato seeds, and nourish the seedlings that sprout from them, I would have created an environment where tomatoes can thrive. The spirit realm is not so different.
    If I regularly worship in my home, then I have created an environment where the presense of God is attracted and can thrive. If I consistently get into angry arguments with my wife, then I have create an environment where the spirit of division and strife can thrive. these actions and thought patterns determine our spiritual environment.
    (page 112)
  • Unforgiveness:If there's is one thing that can prevent you from experiencing the goodness of God it is unforgiveness. When we choose not to forgive, we are choosing not to allow others the very thing that gave us access to God's presence. Jesus died on the cross as the answer to the law of sin and death. It was the ultimate act of forgiveness. God looked at the entirety of human history, seeing every dark choice that every person would make, and decided that we are worth forgiving. The act of forgiveness is the only thing that allows his presence into our hearts. When you don't forgive you have refused to view life from God's perspective. You may be able to see in the spirit with unforgiveness in your heart, but I guarantee that you will not be seeing it through God's eyes.
    (page 146-147)
  • Religion:My wife could decide she likes someone else more than me. I'm kidding myself if I think that quoting scripture at her or preaching about the value of commitment is going to prevent her from making those kinds of decisions. Even the vows that we spoke on our wedding day are not powerful enough to keep her from leaving me.

    What keeps my wife from hurting me is the value that she has for my heart. She doesn't need someone to tell her that committing adultery is wrong. She knows that it would crush my heart. Through love and trust we have built a security in our marriage that no rules or regulations could ever match. I gave her my heart and she gave me hers. Now we get to protect them. (page 148)

    The bible is not a set of rules and regulations that must be followed to earn a place near God. It is a picture, painted over thousands of years, of God's pursuit of mankind. It is the story of the bridegroom seeking his bride. Is he going to strike you with lightening or pull all his blessings from your life if you sin? Probably not. But he gave you his heart to protect.
    (page 149)
  • Everything that God does is modeled on family. It is in this structure that growth and health flourish. You need spiritual fathers and mothers to speak into your life, brothers and sisters to run beside you, and children that you are pouring into. In this structure it is difficult to get far off track and it's easy to grow.
    (page 150)

Blessings to you, Joel Thompson